Electronic, indie music duo gives Cebu crowd ‘best of both worlds’

“People from the rock and roll world have felt for years that electronic music had no soul, but now electronic music can not only have soul but have all the shapes in the world” so said Icelandic artist Bjork.

Electronic music is usually a staple in clubs and dance floors, among the rhythm of writhing bodies gyrating and pulsating with the beat of booming bass hits.

But over the years, there have been unorthodox musical acts, artists that crossed the threshold of electronic music and rock, and vice versa. Artists that could pump energy to the clubs but also get a crowd to mosh along to their tracks.

Tarsius is among those artists who blur the lines of electronic music and indie rock. Composed of Diego Mapa (Pedicab, Eggboy, Cambio, Monsterbot) and Jay Gapasin (Radioactive Sago Project, Kapitan Kulam), they play an ecstatic mix of electronic music paired with bombastic live drums. The two bonded over a shared love for electronic music and released the album “Primate” in 2012 under Numberline Records.

Eight years later, they then released their album “Culture Cow” under Body Clock Records during the height of the pandemic, impeding any shows to support their latest musical release.

With restrictions easing up everywhere, the shows and gigs that have since dissipated all slowly started to pop up in every corner. After playing shows in Pampanga, Davao and Bacolod, Tarsius played a show in Cebu City on Nov, 26, at From Here in Crossroads, Banilad with the help of John Bottles Events, Pawn Records, Counterflow Productions and PRworks.

Joining Tarsius in their “Star Island: Live in Cebu” show were local acts Lomboy Bicycle Club, BudoyX, The Pervs, Cosmic Kid, Luxxx, Kubra Commander, Ala Ahkbar and a DJ set from PAWN’s own Libya Montes (Erik Tuban).

After a slew of local acts performed the night away, the main act Tarsius eventually got up on stage and gave the crowd a performance they’ll never forget. Hypnotic, surreal, bombastic, and energetic. To never be bound by genres and classifications is a breath of fresh air these days, and Tarsius embodies that renegade energy that crosses genres and gives the crowd the best of both worlds.