Espina: Int’l Women’s Month

March is International Women’s Month. It celebrates the rights and projects of womanhood and how women evolved from being just “mothers” of the home to more dynamic members and leaders of the community.

History saw Gabriela Silang and Princess Urduja in the midst of governmental reforms. Then the durable reigns of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria, among others, are etched in history. We also remember Evita, Madame Pompadour, Teodora Alonzo, etc.

In politics, dynamic First Ladies, like Imelda Marcos, Lady Presidents Cory Aquino, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, set their marks in socio-economic, cultural and community projects.

Zonta Club of Cebu 1 is one women organization across the globe which promotes positive women empowerment, sets proactive programs to abet violence against women and child abuse. It offers community and educational scholarships, livelihood programs to help uplift the quality of life. Even young women leadership in the Academe, like those a part of the Golden Z Clubs, adhere to the value of community-oriented education.

Through the years, the women’s clubs, specifically in the Philippines, like the Zonta and Quota clubs, Women in Travel, WeCare Foundations, Philippines Foundation, the Jayceerettes, and cancer awareness-based groups, all have relevant vestiges of accomplishments in coordination with schools, hospitals, barangays, homeowners subdivisions, etc.

In the business circle, we see productive management led by lady professionals and executives. So many lady medical specialists share the success of their male counterparts. Ah, even, of course, in the Congress and the Senate.

But the essence of the Women’s Month should not veer away from the primary role of motherhood. Women and men share value-oriented child-rearing patterns.

Hail, womanhood. Kudos to the Zonta Clubs around the world!

The Zontians pay tribute to the legendary Zontians Yuga Sotto Yuvienco, Anita Sanchez Amparo Rodil, Elena Young, Felisa Chiongbian, Inday Avila and countless others.