Eugenio: With sticks and stones

It is known that other people were born with better circumstances than us. While people may have been born with better circumstances than us, success is more than what one is born with, but also their environment and their hard work. This trinity of what one is born with, their hard work, and their environment and how this contributes to their success is called The Three Factors of Human Success and Failure. Although things may seem hectic and erratic, the moment where things will finally fall into place will surely come with persistence and hard work.One’s Heaven Luck, what one is born with, not only dictates what innate characteristics one has, but also the cycle of favorable and unfavorable times in one’s life. One must stay persistent despite hardships because one’s good luck is yet to come, and those in their favorable cycle should not worry about the incoming hard times. Whichever cycle may come, whether bad or good, should start exerting effort to maximize the good and minimize the bad as that could be what makes or breaks us.One’s Man Luck, their hard work, is what brings us to our destination and makes our journey easier. Our Man Luck deals with the research one does, one’s discipline, persistence, and etc. Although the cycles that bring us opportunities and troubles may come, what truly raises one up is how one reacts to these events. Although one’s hard work is key to one’s success, one can’t stay motivated all the time, which might mean one has to tap into a good environment.Earth Luck, which is one’s environment, is similar to Heaven Luck in the way that certain parts of the environment, such as the home, can become favorable and unfavorable. However, the position of the home is a large factor in deciding one’s overall Earth Luck. Man Luck comes into play in the form of finding an environment that truly supports oneself and choosing to build oneself, even if leaving behind an environment that was detrimental, yet sentimental.Although the path to success and stability is rocky, knowing that it can and will be better with knowledge and persistence gives comfort. Even if one was only given sticks and stones to make a difference, with passion and optimism, impact will be felt in one’s life and the lives around oneself. It is admirable that, despite the worst and most humble beginnings, one desires to make a difference and to have impact, and from that drive, success will come.