Green and gorgeous: Celebrating World Frog Day

When most people think of frogs, they likely think of the common green frog that can be found near ponds and streams. But there are many different kinds of frogs, including some that are quite rare and endangered. Some frogs are even used in traditional medicines.

Given their importance to the ecosystem and to cultures around the world, it’s no surprise that there is a day dedicated to celebrating these creatures — World Frog Day!

On March 20, 2009, World Frog Day was started with the goal to raise awareness about the declining populations of amphibians around the globe and what people can do to help them. These creatures play an important part in the ecosystem and they are close to disappearing at an alarming rate.

“I believe that frogs play a crucial role in controlling pests and keeping ecosystems in balance. Since they are a keystone species, they have like a disproportionate impact on their environment relative to their abundance,” Christian Sy, a frog enthusiast living in Cebu City, shared.

Due to habitat loss, pollution, climate change and illnesses, frog populations all around the globe are decreasing in numbers. Almost 75 percent of the Philippines’ native amphibian species are listed as vulnerable or endangered. The extinction of several frog species could spell major implications for the well-being of multiple ecosystems and human populations.

Frog enthusiasts and keepers here in Cebu celebrate World Frog Day by educating and sharing with others about different kinds of frog species and how to protect local ones by supporting organizations and government offices that are working to protect frogs and their natural habitats.

“I chose Hecate, my female South American horned frog, as a pet due to her adorable resemblance to the arcade game character Pac-Man,” Athena Joy Ytang, a young Cebuana frog keeper, said.

“Having a frog as a pet helped me realize that each possesses a unique personality and characteristics that are worth sharing with others about them,” she said.

World Frog Day is an important day to learn more about frogs and their importance in our environment. From helping us better understand nature, to providing food for larger animals like birds and snakes, these critters play a vital role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

Taking the time to observe and appreciate these small creatures can help others gain insight into their local environment as well as spread awareness about conservation efforts around the world.