Gwen orders demolition of old port in Badian

CEBU Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia has ordered the demolition of an old and abandoned port that has caused the uneven distribution of white sand at a beach in Barangay Lambug in Badian town, southwestern Cebu.

The governor visited the tourist spot on Wednesday, June 21, 2023. She told reporters that the port, situated in the middle of the beachfront, will be demolished to accurately measure the easement zone.

The abandoned port has reportedly caused sand erosion and created a division at the shoreline, resulting in unequal amounts of white sand on two sides.

Badian Mayor Carmencita Lumain said the port was formerly owned by a private holding company but it was later abandoned.

“The port is owned by Republic Glass, but it was later abandoned in the 1980s and was donated to the municipal town of Badian,” Lumain said.

In January this year, the Capitol ordered the demolition of structures encroaching on the 20-meter easement zone at Lambug Beach.

However, Garcia issued on May 16 a moratorium on the demolition of illegal structures as the Capitol is still consolidating the definite measurements of the easement zone area.

Once the port is demolished, the governor said it is anticipated that the area’s free flow of water will lead to an even distribution of white sand and allow for accurate measurement of the easement zone. There are businesses on both sides of the abandoned port.

Garcia has ordered that no permanent structures shall be built around the easement zones of the public beach to protect people from potential disasters and to give the general public access to the public beach.

The governor acknowledged that some firms have already demolished buildings in the area, but she understands that some are still awaiting an updated measurement of the easement zone.

There are over 30 occupants along the stretch of the Lambug Beach shoreline.