Hit cargoship now operational

AFTER getting hit by a fast craft last May 21, 2023, cargoship LCT Poseidon 23 is now back in full operations, according to the Philippine Coast Guard in Central Visayas (PCG 7).

Lt. Mark Anthony Tolentino, information officer of PCG 7, told Sunstar Cebu on Thursday, June 29, that the cargo ship did not incur major damages and was cleared to sail.

The cargoship was struck by the fast craft vessel mv St. Jhudiel, as it was traveling through the Mactan Channel after the latter experienced a steering controls malfunction.

mv St. Jhudiel was carrying 208 passengers and crew with at least 19 passengers being injured during the incident.

“It is a big vessel, and it had no damage. The one that was damaged was the St. Jhudiel,” he said.

The cargo ship is owned by Primary Trident Marine Solutions, while the Supercat Fast Ferry Corp. owns the fast craft.

It can be recalled that the Maritime Industry Authority in Central Visayas (Marina 7) announced a day after the collision disaster that the safety certificates of both vessels had been suspended while investigations were ongoing.

The suspension took effect on the day of the collision and would be lifted once the investigations were finished.

Dry dock

Tolentino said investigations confirmed the fast craft indeed experienced a steering casualty making it lose its ability to steer off or maneuver the ship.

mv St. Jhudiel is currently placed in a dry dock of Colorado Shipyard in Barangay Tayud, Consolacion town in northern Cebu for the repair and rehabilitation works of the vessel.

Tolentino said right after they performed the initial investigation, the results were forwarded to the PCG main office in Manila under its Maritime Safety Services Command.

By then, PCG would release recommendations to shipowners regarding the results of a broad investigation.

According to Tolentino, this might involve suggestions for stepping up safety inspections of the ships and for teaching commanders and crew how to handle emergencies.

Tolentino revealed there was a settlement between two shipowners. Thus, no cases were filed. Supercat also said they accommodated all passengers onboard.