Lalamove empowers SMEs by offering same-day truck delivery service in Cebu

LALAMOVE, a leading on-demand delivery platform, continues to bring forth the fast, reliable, and affordable #SameDayTruckAffordelivery across Cebu by ensuring that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and local businesses’ bulk deliveries across the province are delivered same-day at affordable rates, especially during peak demand season.

High shipping cost is one of the major concerns of most business owners in Cebu that hinders their workflow. Aside from this, in-house logistics services would entail additional maintenance costs for budding entrepreneurs. Likewise, finding a reliable logistics partner that has affordable rates and professional partner drivers is quite a challenge in Cebu. With all of these to be considered, Lalamove decided to address Cebuano business owners’ concerns through its heavy-duty, four-wheel truck options.

Lalamove safely handles business products and deliveries with total fleet affordability during peak hours as well as other long-distance vehicle options that have expanded island-wide coverage in Cebu. With Lalamove, in its capacity to provide seamless and affordable same-day truck delivery services, Lalamove has helped SMEs thrive in proliferating local businesses to different parts of the province.

Small and midsize enterprises have long benefited from Lalamove’s convenient truck options that serve as a bridging tool for quick and dependable transactions between enterprises and their customers. Three local food and beverage merchant SMEs shared their experiences on how Lalamove has aided their business as their third-party delivery supplier:

Cookies N’ Dream

Cookies N’ Dream, a curbside pick-up cake and pastry shop, has partnered with Lalamove for over three years now. The team has consistently relied on the dependable service provided by the logistics courier.

Cookies N’ Dream cakes. Photo from Lalamove.

Jeremy Arboleda, the owner of Cookies N Dream, takes into account the great help Lalamove has done to her business. Its year-on-year growth surged to 28.69 percent after partnering with Lalamove.

“With Lalamove, we are able to accept more and more online orders. The reach we are able to cover is beyond Lapu-Lapu City and extends to different parts of the province. We are able to cater to customers from all over Cebu–from Danao to Minglanilla to Cordova and beyond,” shared Jeremy.

Given that Cookies N’ Dream is a food business, it is imperative for its products to be served pristinely right at the customer’s doorstep. With Lalamove’s insulated box (Lalabag), the products are kept secure.

“Lalamove aided us in maximizing sales, catering more orders, and having them delivered even on busy periods. Lalamove is indeed a trustworthy partner,” remarked Arboleda

Prutasan ni Adan

Prutasan ni Adan, a health and wellness grocery that sells premium and exotic farm-fresh fruits and products, has partnered with Lalamove for over three years as well.

Bobby Adan, the owner of Prutasan ni Adan, shared how they partnered with Lalamove to extend the store’s reach to a wider consumer market. Adan claimed that because of Lalamove’s efficiency and trusted customer service, they are able to maximize and accept more customers.

He explained, “During peak season, we can plan bookings ahead of time and we can request more partnered drivers to accommodate our needs.”

The steady year-on-year growth of Prutasan ni Adan is a testament to the dependable services Lalamove has lent them over the years. Bobby Adan shared, “It is our main goal to provide premium and quality fruits to the Cebuano Market. For us to do that, we will continue to source more products, especially those that are rare in Cebu. We trust Lalamove can aid us in achieving these yearly goals.”

Bobby Adan, owner of Prutasan ni Adan. Photo from Lalamove.

Souffle Cakes and Chocolate Art

Souffle Cakes and Chocolate Art is one of Lapu-Lapu City’s most sought-after cake shops offering a variety of quality cakes and desserts. It has partnered with Lalamove for over two years and has considered the logistics courier as part of its delivery team.

Souffle Cakes’ different cake products. Photo from Lalamove.

The owner of the shop, Nancy Concha, asserted that Lalamove has become her team’s bridge and tool in delivering their customers’ cravings, especially those who live far off from their shop.

“Lalamove has been our lifesaver during peak seasons. It especially makes it really convenient for us because they deliver our products safely right to our customer’s doorsteps,” she shared.

Apart from its usual four-wheel options such as the 200kg Sedan, 300 kg MPV, and 600 kg MPV, Lalamove offers several truck options that suit every enterprise’s need.

1,000 kg Small Truck

Business owners could depend on this truck option for delivering products and supplies. With its weight and capacity, it is suitable for delivering products and supplies in bulk. The vehicles available for the 1-ton delivery option are as follows: Mitsubishi L300 FB, Hyundai H100, Toyota Hi Ace GL, and Nissan NV350.

2,000 kg Medium Truck

The 2,000 kg Medium Truck option is suitable for transporting enormous and/or numerous business items and raw materials, such as construction items, chairs, tables, platforms, and other products for all intents and purposes. The vehicles available for the 2-ton delivery option are as follows: Mitsubishi Canter, Isuzu Elf, and JAC Prince.

Lalamove also recently launched other delivery options for business owners: the 800kg pickup and 6W trucks that cover island-wide services in Cebu. The wide-ranging fleet of the logistics courier is ideal for every SMEs business delivery needs whether to and from customers or suppliers.

“Lalamove as a brand continues to stay rooted in its authentic goal to help small and midsize enterprises to offer affordable fleet options that ensure its business operations are being exceptionally met. With the new four-wheel truck options, Cebuano businesses can expect a seamless process that connects enterprises to its roster of customers without a hitch,” remarked Djon Nacario, Managing Director at Lalamove Philippines .

With the#SameDayTruckAffordelivery campaign, Lalamove continues to live by its goal to sustain the delivery needs of local businesses and SMEs both in Metro Cebu and beyond.

These SMEs and local businesses are a testament to the heights Lalamove has reached in aiding the advancement of homegrown businesses everywhere. The heavy-duty truck options that Lalamove offers make it easier for these small enterprises to reach a wider consumer market and sustain their transport needs altogether. (SPONSORED CONTENT)