Old Cebu Railway ‘artifact’ surfaces in Danao City

POSSIBLE artifacts of the Old Cebu Railway were unearthed during a digging operation for the construction of a covered court in Barangay Looc, Danao City, northern Cebu on May 2, 2023.

The Old Cebu Railway stretched from Cebu City to Argao town in the south and Danao City in the north. It ceased to function after World War 2.

The suspected artifact has stirred interest for the City Government and Mayor Mix Durano has issued a temporary stop for the construction of the Bibiana Mercado Integrated School covered court.

“This exciting find has spurred the City Government of Danao to seek out the expertise of knowledgeable professionals to verify its authenticity and unravel its historical significance,” said the Danao City Government in a statement.

On Thursday, May 11, Durano welcomed the arrival of experts from the University of San Carlos, including archaeologist Dr. John Peterson, history professor Laila Labajo and history teacher Devra Ouano, who will conduct research to identify the artifacts next week.

The group will also perform excavation activities to unearth the remaining artifacts.

It is anticipated that the group will give a recommendation on how to preserve the vintage railway after thorough studies.

“The city government and the local community are eagerly awaiting the results of the experts’ investigation, hoping to uncover a significant piece of our city’s history,” said the City Government.

The Old Cebu Railway had operations in Metro Cebu from 1911 until 1942 and is considered an important part of Cebu’s transportation history. (ANV, TPT)