PB revokes lot donation to National Grains Authority

THE Cebu Provincial Board passed resolution revoking the donation of lot by the province to the National Grains Authority (NGA) in Barangay Banilad, Cebu City during its regular session on Monday, May 15, 2023.

Board Member John Ismael Borgonia of Cebu third district passed the resolution to revoke the granting of 5,000 square meters under Lot No. 930 to the NGA.

The said lot was donated by then Cebu governor Osmundo Rama to the NGA in August 7, 1975.

The function of the NGA is to grow the rice and corn industries in the country.

After the NGA was disbanded by Presidential Decree No. 1770, which established the National Food Authority, it was declared that it had breached the terms and conditions of the donation.

Borgonia’s resolution states that the terms and conditions of the donation were not being upheld after the NGA was abolished through Presidential Decree No. 1770, which established the National Food Authority.

“The abolition of the National Grains Authority (NGA) is considered as a violation to the above-cited condition since the NGA no longer uses the said property, hence, by operation of law, the donated property has reverted back to the Province of Cebu” according to Borgonia’s resolution.

According to the terms of the donation, the donated property will automatically be returned to the donor, along with any improvements it makes, and will also automatically become the donor’s property if the donee vacates the property, stops using it, or moves to another property.

Borgonia added that the donation violated Section 2068 of the Revised Administrative Code of the Philippines because it was made without the approval of the president of the Philippines.

“There being a violation to the condition of the deed of donation and the donation having no approval of the President of the Philippines, there is a need for the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of the Province of Cebu to revoke the August 7, 1975 Deed of Donation in favor of the National Grains Authority (NGA),” a portion of the resolution reads.

Borgonia said that through this resolution, Governor Gwendolyn Garcia would be able to reclaim the lot and return its ownership to the Capitol.

Regional government agencies occupying the province-owned lots in Banilad such as the National Irrigation Administration, Population Commission, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda) have been offered relocation sites by the Capitol to leave the area.

According to the chairman of the Committee on Provincial and Municipal Properties, that the said lots will be used by the Capitol to raise income for its programs and projects. (PAC, TPT)