Quibranza: A good, hot spot for barbecue and more

There are serious conversations to be had when it comes to barbecue: Is it spelled with a C or with a Q? The answers are probably a few searches-on-Google away, but I choose to leave it a mystery for now.

For over a year now, I have made peace with an induction cooker. I have learned its ways and have accepted it for what it is. We’ve had no serious issues between us; even with the arrival of the handy-dandy air fryer.

Heading towards the inevitable dominance of vertical living in Cebu City, I’ve learned to appreciate one basic truth. With fire comes flavor. For obvious reasons, gas and open fires do not bode well with residential towers and the like.

I’ve learned to seek out good roasts, grills and barbecues right in the middle of the metropolis because cooking on open fire has become somewhat rare. Is this another reason why samgyupsal is very much a hit — aside from its draw of serving unlimited portions for a set price? But that’s for another story.

For today, I give props to Straight Up Roof Deck Bar over at Seda Central Bloc Cebu. I’m a fan of its roast pork, beef and chicken. On some days, the well-seasoned pork is served with a glass skin that breaks after biting into it. The roast beef, as expected, is a heavy-hitter. The chicken can be had as your main or sort of a break in between enjoying the pork and beef. All of these, smothered with gravy or peppercorn sauce, I can have with a plateful of steamed vegetables.

Meat lovers dining in the business hotel — whether at its Misto Restaurant or the roof deck bar — would be delighted to see the huge portions of beef, pork and chicken cooking over an open fire. Just recently, it showcased the authentic flavors of Lechon de Cebu and Bacolod Chicken Inasal with a week-long inasal festival. There was also a two-day only “BBQ & Beer Bonanza” (here we go with the letter Q ) which offered diners unlimited barbecue and beer.

“Is this the only place where you can get good, open-fire barbecue and beer?” Of course not. “How about in and around Cebu IT Park?” Maybe, one of the few. “How about the same quality of food and drinks but served in a place that offers a wonderful view of the area as well?” We’re getting to probably just a handful now.

If you ask the servers, there’s a corner that gives you a splendid angle of Cebu IT Park at night — mimicking the likes of dining in Singapore or Hong Kong, to a degree. Have a few more beers, you could be staring at the Gardens by the Bay.

The hotel’s buffet schedules, promos and dining options vary depending on season, so it’s best to give them a call to know what to expect. Cheers!