Seoul Vibe Rolling back into the glory days of South Korea in the ’80s

One can’t deny the rippling effect of the influence the ‘80s has even in the present time. It is a decade we can’t forget, not by the long shot. Netflix’s “Seoul Vibe” is a homage to the roaring ‘80s in South Korea.The film channels the best bits of the decade: Neon lighting, groovy music, old-school and hip fashion. The director, Moon Hyung Sung, stated that trends come and go. However, it prodded Director Moon to create a film about the eccentric and clamoring ‘80s in South Korea.The film focuses on the year 1988, wherein worldwide excitement escalates in Seoul as the days leading up to the opening of the Summer Olympics grows near. The film centers around a band of baby drivers of Sanggye-dong.Director Moon shared in the virtual press conference of the film, that the appeal of the group lies in the fact that none of the crew are idealized heroes. They are simply ordinary people who have to overcome big odds.Moon also shared that he set “Seoul Vibe” in the ‘80s as a backdrop contrasting to the turbulent time in South Korea wherein in 1988, students protested against authoritarianism. He said, “I wanted to take on the concept of hip-hop music and work my way around it.”Yoo Ah-In, who plays the crew’s frontman Dong-Wook, shares that audiences should see the film for how it tackles the “The crew’s passion in achieving the American dream.”Seoul Vibe is an electric film about finding family, managing conflict with older generations, dabbling into a bit of mischief, and racing classic and vintage cars. Generally, it’s about the grand chase of one’s dreams. If you’re into the “Fast & Furious” movie franchise, then this film is definitely for you.Faster. Bolder. Wilder. “Seoul Vibe” is now streaming only on Netflix.