Set Forth Philippines launches Puso College Scholarship program

Founded by Renoa King, an altruistic and passionate young mind, Set Forth Philippines started with the vision of becoming an organization that provides equal and accessible learning opportunities to all Filipino children.The non-governmental organization is an outreach initiative that touches on many facets of community engagement. In the midst of the global pandemic that rattled the world, Renoa King wanted to take part in addressing the educational gap that has always been pervasive in the Philippines.When asked what the overarching vision of the organization is, Renoa shared: “Our vision has always been centered around achieving sustainable education for all. I believe that consistency is the key to creating lasting change.”On Aug. 29, Set Forth hosted a press conference for the 12 deserving scholars: Bermine Albacite, Stephanie Alegarbes, Jasmine Apelanio, Kylene Aying, Chariel Bano, Mar Jorie Llevado, Noe Mapa, Maica Niere, Justine Rodriguez, Michael Sornillo, Jay-ann Sosas and Mac Angeli Ylaya.The 12 scholars present at the press conference shared inspiring stories that led them to Set Forth’s scholarship program. Despite coming from different walks of life the scholars embodied the core values of the organization; evident in their resolve to not just achieve academic excellence but also be actively involved in community outreach.Apelanio shared how outside being an academic achiever, she has a passion for student leadership. “Set Forth has opened another door for me to hone my skills and passions, especially for leadership. Set Forth has enlightened me to see that leadership isn’t simply about leading; it is about helping other people at the grassroots level.”Aying’s belief when it comes to education is directly aligned with Set Forth’s. She shared: “Education is a treasure we can give but never covet and impose, it is through hard work that education can be shared for all of society to make use of.”Sornillo sees the opportunity of being a part of Set Forth’s scholarship program as an opportunity to inspire other children who have gone through financial hardships to still persevere with the right support system. “I have encountered hard times and financial struggles myself which is why I truly believe that education is crucial to stopping poverty. Our nation will be a better place to live in if everyone had access to education.”Set Forth is a holistic program that goes beyond the aspect of education. It also provides an avenue for the scholars’ families in harnessing their livelihood and entrepreneurial ideals and potential.Aside from that, the organization also taps into relief and community-building operations. When Typhoon Odette ravaged the province of Cebu, Set Forth Philippines lent a hand to grassroots communities through relief operations and resource assistance.The Filipino youth is indeed the hope of our nation’s future. With a right and unfailing support system, the height of their potential will certainly reach beyond its peak.Set Forth Philippines, in its noble pursuit of helping the Filipino youth by providing accessible and sustainable education to all, aids the youth in attaining their dreams of a bright future not just for themselves but for the country as well.