Vehicle used in abduction of 2 activists used fake plate, says SITG

THE suspects behind the abduction of two activists at the Cebu City Pier Area on Jan. 10, 2023 reportedly used a stolen plate for their getaway vehicle.

This was what investigators of the Special Investigation Task Group (SITG) said on Friday, Jan. 20, when reporters sought them for an update on their ongoing probe on the kidnapping of activists Armand Dayoha and Dyan Gumanao.

Lt. Col. Albert Quilitorio, SITG spokesperson, said they were able to secure the plate number of the vehicle used by the suspects through CCTV footage.

However, when the SITG had the plate number verified, investigators found that it belonged to a motorcycle.

Quilitorio believes that the plate on the car may have been stolen or faked and placed there to prevent law enforcers from tracing the activists’ whereabouts.

Aside from the CCTV footage that the SITG secured, Quilitorio said they also obtained the statements of security guards where Dayoha and Gumanao were abducted.

The SITG is still hoping to get more statements from security personnel and other witnesses at the scene of the crime.

Among the tasks of the SITG is to go to the resort in Carmen town, northern Cebu, where the couple was reportedly brought by the armed men and later abandoned on Jan. 15, to check if there are CCTV cameras in the establishment.

The task group will also try to interrogate the resort’s staff regarding the incident.

Quilitorio said he will suggest in their next case conference to invite Gumanao and Dayoha so they can get their statements that could help in their investigation. (TPT)