Adoro launches Eraserheads-inspired NFT Collection

UNDER the alias “Punk Zappa,” Eraserheads member-turned painter Marcus Adoro has just released his first non-fungible token (NFT) Artwork Collection in collaboration with the GIGILx, the metaverse arm of the GIGIL Advertising Agency. The collection dropped online on June 23, during the official art exhibit of the available NFTs, which took place in Tago Jazz Bar in Quezon City.

Each painting is inspired by the 2014 Esquire Magazine cover depicting the four bandmates crossing the street, ala The Beatles on Abbey Road. The first 20 pieces that were dropped are digitized versions of the Eheads calendar sets released earlier this year.

NFT collectors, experts, and general enthusiasts present at the event had the chance to reserve the digital artworks early, with prices ranging from 0.188 to 0.388 Ethereum (digital currency), which is equivalent to around P12,000-P25,000.

To further add to the experience of buying artworks off of the Punk Zappa collection, owners of the NFTs get access to special benefits, freebies, and utilities. Depending on how many artworks one collects, buyers have the chance to stay in Mr. Adoro’s La Union lodging for free, or even get surfing lessons from the man himself. Mr. Adoro aims to treat all his buyers like close friends, calling them “ZAPPAMILYA.”

The Punk Zappa moniker originates from a character that Mr. Adoro imagined for the alternative band Eraserheads’ sophomore album Circus. In an interlude on the tracklist, Zappa delivers an eccentric monologue, highlighting just how offbeat and punk-rock he is. The new EHeads NFT collection aims to keep the same spirit, as it is an expression of Mr. Adoro’s fun-loving self in painting.

“Basta [kapag] ginagawa ko mga ‘to, dapat masaya ako, lagi ‘to nakakatawa para sa akin (I should always be happy when I make these, this is always funny for me),Mr. Adoro told reporters during the launch, highlighting the whimsical nature of the EHeads calendar set NFT series.

Each item in the series is unique, with the alternative band’s members wearing different clothes, walking through different areas, or surrounded by assorted characters from pop culture. One version has the band walking to the beach in swim shorts and holding surfboards, while another shows them dressed up as superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman. “Lahat ito, parang may inside joke o kuwento. Well represented kaming apat lagi, equally cool. ’Yun ang pinakaimportante, dapat cool kaming lahat (All of these have an inside joke or story. All four of us are always well represented, and are equally cool. That is what is most important, we should all be cool),” Mr. Adoro said.

The Eraserheads guitarist sees visual art and painting as a refreshing alternative to music, even going as far as to say that he prefers it. “Mas gusto ko ang painting kasi tahimik siya. Wala man siyang tunog, pero ang dami siyang information na binibigay sa ’yo (I prefer painting because it is quiet. It may have no sound, but it gives you a lot of information),” Mr. Adoro explained. His paintings definitely have a lot to say, between the many characters, costumes, and cameos each iteration has to offer.

The Punk Zappa EHeads calendar series is the first collection to come from Mr. Adoro’s collaboration with GigilX. “Madami [pa] kami nakatupad na susunod dito, from the Gigil group (We will  have a lot more to do after this from the Gigil group),” said Mr. Adoro.

Aspiring ZAPPAMILYA who are unable to buy any artworks from the first collection can look forward to more collections in the future.

To see Punk Zappa’s NFT collection, go to — Martin Mariano Celiz