AI-enabled platform allows remote management of construction projects

REAL ESTATE consultancy firm JCV & Associates Project Management & Development, Inc. (JCVA) and Digiscript Philippines, Inc., a reality capture solutions provider, recently inked a partnership to offer a platform that allows construction companies to conduct remote site inspections.

“With our partnership with JCVA, OpenSpace empowers stakeholders by bringing builders, engineers, and developers to manage their own projects using artificial intelligence (AI) in the construction industry,” Digiscript Philippines President Conrad A. Alampay during a virtual briefing on Wednesday.

The platform allows users to perform complete job site documentation to remotely manage and track construction progress.

Mr. Alampay said that OpenSpace uses a wearable 360 degree-camera mounted on top of a hard hat, which is enabled by a mobile application.

“As you capture the job site, all photos and videos are sent to the cloud. Then, the data are analyzed and automatically stitched to the floor plan. All of these are automated and can be deployed very quickly,” he noted.

“You don’t have to travel to the site across the country. You can now, near real-time, see what is happening on the ground. This improves project management,” he added.

Digiscript is the official channel partner of OpenSpace in the Philippines while JCVA is the first project management company to offer the platform locally.

According to Mr. Alampay, there are already local projects using the platform for their documentation.

“In the Philippines, about 75 projects are already using this (platform) at least,” he said.

For his part, JCVA Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jason Romeo C. Valderrama said: “It is an investment. The benefits far outweigh the costs. For large-scale projects, we’re actually reaping savings because we don’t need to deploy a lot of engineers on-site to physically manage the site. We just use OpenSpace.”

“We’re able to supplant the cost of one site engineer by subscribing to the OpenSpace platform per project or per site,” he added.

OpenSpace is a technology company based in San Francisco, California, with Digiscript serving as the sole provider in the Philippines. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave