Bodies of 3-Year-Old Girl, Mother Recovered After Deadly Indonesia Landslide

Emergency rescue crews have recovered the bodies of a 3-year-old girl and her mother, who were both victims of a local authorities confirmed Tuesday. Rescuers were combing the area around the South Makale village in the Tana Toraja district of South Sulawesi province Tuesday when they located the girl and her mother. The bodies were wrapped in orange body bags and carried away across a dark and rainy field with the help of torches. They were the last two people still missing after landslides on the Sulawesi Island killed 20. Rescuers had to dig through thick mud with handheld tools to recover their bodies as the steep, muddy terrain prevented heavy equipment from being used. Local police said the deadly landslides began after torrential rain caused the surrounding hills to collapse and fall onto four houses on Saturday. At least one family was inside one of the houses when the landslide hit, local police chief Gunardi Mundu said. Mundu said dozens of soldiers, police and volunteers joined the search in the remote hillside villages of Makale and On Sunday, rescuers pulled two people, including an 8-year-old girl, from the fields and rushed them to a hospital. Tana Toraja has several popular tourist attractions, including traditional houses and statues in caves, known as tau-tau. Indonesia, a where millions of people live, experiences seasonal downpours that cause frequent landslides and floods.