Iranian activist calls for peace with Israel, criticizes war supporters

An Iranian activist and lawyer criticized those who support the Islamic Republic going to war with Israel, saying they are “no friend” to the Iranian people who only “want peace.” Elica Le Bon, who is also a social media influencer, posted a video on TikTok to her more than 300,000 followers with an anti-war message to those calling on Iran to “defend itself” following its drone and missile attack against the Jewish state on Saturday. “Hi, Iranian woman here,” Le Bon begins the video. “It’s become very apparent that you haven’t been listening to anything that we’ve had to say for the past two years, but I was wondering if you could just lend me a few minutes of your time in this ungodly hour to hear us now.” “In what capacity have you distorted the story to make the Islamic Republic the victim?” Le Bon asked. Le Bon said there is a distinction between the Tehran regime and the nation of Iran, made up of everyday Iranians who want to live peacefully. “If you would listen to us for the past two years, much less the past 45 years, you’d know that Iranians don’t want war with Israel,” she said. “We want peace with Israel.” and missiles at Israel on Saturday in response to a deadly strike on the Iranian consulate in Syria earlier this month that left 12 dead, including Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps. Israel did not claim responsibility for the strike. An Israeli military spokesman said 99% of Iran’s drones and missiles were intercepted. Le Bon further called supporters of the Islamic regime hypocrites for failing to listen and support the Iranian people who have been subjected to the country’s current ruling regime. “When we were screaming that they were killing Iranian women for not wearing a hijab, where were you?” Le Bon asked. “When they were lynching Iranian men from cranes for protesting, where were you? When we were explaining that it’s a terrorist occupying force, where were you?” “But all of a sudden everyone’s graduated from Instagram school of law to say that it’s a violation of international law and Iran has the right to defend itself,” she said. Le Bon then scolded these supporters as being “no friend to the Iranian people” and for putting the lives of Iranians and others at risk through their support for the Islamic Republic’s “continued aggressions.” “It’s you who wants war with Israel, it’s your hatred for Israel and your fantasies that’s pulling us into a war that we didn’t ask for,” Le Bon said, addressing those who support the Islamic Republic. “Have we not suffered enough for the past 45 years that we now have to be used as pawns for your fantasies about war with Israel?” she continued. “Leave us alone, we don’t want that.” Greg Norman contributed to this report.