Let there be light

Nanoleaf’s app-controlled lighting systems now in PHL

SURE, the lights at your house might be pretty, but are they smart?

Nanoleaf, a company that had kicked off in Kickstarter with an energy-efficient bulb almost 10 years ago, has decided to brighten up the Philippines. An online launch on June 24 showed off the potential of its Elements and Shapes lines.

The lines cost between P1,225.50 for a bulb to P14,290 for an Elements starter kit.

“We’re the first of its kind to mix smart module lighting that connects,” said Nanoleaf Account Manager George Chu. The lights can be controlled via a Nanoleaf app and can be integrated into other smart home devices and systems like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings. Also, according to Mr. Chu, the lights, at maximum brightness, would only consume up to two watts (which is why he leaves them on).

In a demonstration of the Shapes line (triangles of two sizes and a hexagon), they’re shown to be stuck on a wall and can be connected together to form wall art (which one can also start planning via the app). The lights react to touch, music, and movement —  perfect for house parties.

The Elements line, meanwhile, looks like wood, has a Circadian lighting system in place (to help you relax), and has several options for light movements (as well as reacting to touch and sound).

The demonstrations also featured beauty queen Megan Young and her husband Mikael Daez and showed how they changed up their home gym with the help of the Shapes line.

“Nanoleaf’s mission is to really bring upon and usher a new era of smart home lighting,” said Christian Yan, Nanoleaf COO and co-founder.

Nanoleaf products are available at Lazada (https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/nanoleaf-philippines/) and Shopee (https://shopee.ph/nanoleaf). —  J.L.Garcia