Listening devices found ahead of Polish government meeting room

Bugging devices were found in a room where Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk was scheduled to meet with his Cabinet on Tuesday, an official said. The Cabinet ministers were meeting in Katowice, a southwestern city where Tusk was attending an economic conference. Jacek DobrzyƄski, the spokesperson for the head of Poland’s secret services, said a routine check uncovered equipment that could be used for recording or eavesdropping. He wrote on social media on Tuesday morning that “the State Protection Service, in cooperation with the Internal Security Agency, detected and dismantled devices that could be used for eavesdropping in the room where the meeting of the Council of Ministers is to be held today in Katowice.” “The services are conducting further activities in this matter,” he added. The government traditionally holds a weekly meeting in Warsaw but exceptionally held it in Katowice due to the European Economic Congress taking place there, at which European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen delivered a speech. Tusk and the government ministers went to Katowice on Tuesday morning by train.