Philippine Heart Center installs new imaging system

THE PHILIPPINE Heart Center (PHC) recently installed the Philips Azurion with FlexArm, a ceiling-mounted system that provides medical teams with expanded imaging flexibility.

“The system enables us to dramatically optimize procedures around the patient, where we can now capture optimal views of the patient, without encumbering all the clinicians who are working around the table,” said Dr. Joel M. Abanilla, PHC executive director.

In Asia, chronic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, coupled with an aging population, are driving the need for more minimally invasive procedures. By 2030, Asia is expected to be home to over 60% of the total population aged 65 years or older. Locally, top three causes of death in the country in 2020 were ischemic heart diseases, neoplasms, and cerebrovascular diseases.

The Azurion allows clinicians to visualize critical details of the anatomy and identify changes to the patient during procedures. Its full set of innovations also enables clinicians to perform 2D and 3D imaging across the whole patient.

“In the heat of complex procedures, we can already see how the genius of this innovation delivers better clinical outcomes and long-term economic value for a more diverse range of procedures,” said Dr. Abanilla.