Puregold expands campaign for plastic usage reduction

Walking through the aisles of grocery stores, one patent is that most products are packaged with plastics. After all, aside from providing convenience, plastics have brought consumer goods at a cheap cost like those that come in tiny packets. But a great dependence on single-use plastics such as multi-layer sachets and pouches, according to World Bank, has steered the country to become a sachet economy.

The World Bank said that 2.7 million tons of plastic waste are created yearly in the Philippines, and an approximated 20% wind up in the ocean.

Plastic waste polluting the waters not only poses risk to the marine environment but also to human health.

To address and manage the country’s plastic waste problem, one of the various ways to do so is reducing the use of plastics.

Puregold, for its part, is expanding its “No Plastic Use” campaign that will further encourage its customers across the country to shop sustainably and reduce plastic usage by bringing their own reusable bags.

“Public support for cutting down plastic use is growing, and establishments are responding positively to the call for reduced plastic packaging and single-use plastics. We know that these kinds of products clog the waterways, and endanger marine life and ecosystems, which is why taking steps towards curbing their use couldn’t be timelier than right now,” Puregold said in a statement.

The supermarket chain launched the No Plastic Use in all its stores in National Capital Region last July, initially done once a week through the Walastik Mondays or Walang Plastik Mondays. Under the campaign, customers, particularly the Perks and Tindahan Ni Aling Puring members, also receive a Php 1 cashback for every eco bag they use.

Through the No Plastic Use days, Puregold was able to save over 110,000 plastic bags in its stores in Metro Manila during the first month of the rollout. It expects another 30% reduction in its plastic bag purchases from last year.

“We are now expanding Puregold’s ‘No Plastic Use’ nationwide, and extending this to include Mondays and Wednesdays starting Sept. 26, as we continue to work on operating more sustainably,” Puregold President Vincent Co said.

This plastic reduction program, according to Puregold, is part of the larger goal of lessening the excessive plastic bag usage and encourage customers, especially those shopping in bulk, to make changes in their way of consuming goods and its related aspects such as packaging and its impact on the environment.

The supermarket chain also stressed its awareness of the significance of sustainability in its operations, especially packaging.

To further its sustainability efforts apart from the No Plastic Use, Puregold will also bring back its recycling program this month to encourage customers to exchange their recyclable wastes for essential grocery items in designated Puregold stores.


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