Senator considers amending age limit for PHL dual citizenship

A SENATOR is considering an amendment of the age limit for Philippine dual citizenship, saying it deprives many Filipinos living abroad and will increase the number of overseas voters.

Senator Maria Imelda ImeeR. Marcos is proposing that the age provision and deadline for application be lifted.   

She saidthe limit under the law that only allows minors” is “not a proper limit because your Filipino blood and heart will not be erased after your 18th birthday.” 

It is unfair because there are many Filipino children who are being affected despite being a child of a Filipina,she added, according to a transcript of a Wednesday press interview.  

Under Republic Act 9225, only unmarried children below 18 years old who apply to retain or re-acquire dual citizenship will automatically be considered citizens of the Philippines, upon completion of the re-acquisition process.  

To be considered a natural-born Filipino, an adult must have an elected Philippine citizenship within a reasonable time after reaching the age of majority.   

She explained that during her trip in Europe, many second-generation overseas Filipinos who have married foreigners complained that their adult children could no longer claim dual citizenship.  

Aren’t we over 18, but we are still Filipinos. Why should we deny the Philippine passport here to Filipinos abroad, that is what they requested,” she said. “We have already drafted a filing law to amend that no matter what age, Filipinos abroad can apply for dual citizenship.” Alyssa Nicole O. Tan