Video shows over 100 huskies escaping from pet café and running loose in shopping mall

A Chinese shopping center experienced chaos when 100 huskies escaped from a pet café and ran wildly throughout the mall, due to careless employee actions. “All the huskies ran out of the café,” a staff member told Xigua Video, adding: “It’s very lucky they were found so soon.” Video from March 12 shows the dogs fleeing from the café and running everywhere in the mall after the owner visited. The dogs hadn’t seen her in a long time, and staff suggested her visit excited the dogs greatly. Staff chased the dogs all over the mall as they tried to round them up, with one employee quickly herding some dogs back. In one video, a man in a white T-shirt was seen chasing after them as they frantically ran barking with excitement, causing the woman recording to burst out laughing, according to ViralPress. The rest wandered into various stores, treating the mall like a playground. Two dogs even snatched food from surprised shoppers, according to NDTV. Employees managed to get all but seven dogs back to the café within an hour. Staff member Huo said the café used chicken legs to lure the dogs back, treating it as a “punishment.” The remaining dogs stayed missing after the incident. The café apologized and offered compensation for affected customers, though no one was hurt by the dogs. The video went viral on : Users found the excited pack delightful, comparing them to “pupils running out of school.” “Which mall is this? When will they escape again? I’m in!” another user wrote. “This looks like so much fun!” According to the South China Morning Post, pet cafés have grown increasingly popular: 3,638 new cafés opened in Shanghai in 2020, and the country’s pet industry in 2022 turned a profit of $68 billion (494 billion yuan).