NEC white paper proposes comprehensive process workflow for the application of AI-driven personalized cancer vaccines

TOKYO, Apr 8, 2024 – (JCN Newswire via – NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701) has released a white paper, “Towards the realization of AI drug development: Comprehensive process workflow for the commercial use of personalized cancer vaccines”. This white paper introduces (1) a comprehensive process workflow that can be applied to a wide range of processes, starting from tumor sample collection to vaccine design, manufacturing, supply, and administration, (2) important perspectives for consideration in the workflow, and (3) advanced technologies that will contribute to the realization of the workflow.

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NEC is committed to taking on the challenge of realizing new cancer treatments by aiming to establish an accurate, reliable, and comprehensive process workflow that utilizes AI and security technologies.

In recent years, there have been growing expectations for personalized neoantigen cancer vaccines as a next-generation cancer therapy. Personalized neoantigen cancer vaccines are a type of cancer immunotherapy that targets neoantigens containing genomic mutations that are specific to each patient. NEC is working on the realization of personalized cancer vaccines by using one of its core technologies, AI, to identify target neoantigens from each individual patient’s genome data.

This white paper proposes a comprehensive process workflow for personalized cancer vaccines, from design to administration, and the perspectives that should be discussed in this flow. Furthermore, NEC’s advanced ICT technologies are introduced to address these perspectives, and the possibility that the use of ICT technology will contribute to the realization of a platform for not only personalized cancer vaccines, but also for various cancer treatments are discussed.

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