First Batch of Deionized Water Equipment Successfully Installed in TPC New Building Phase 1 Project

On November 11, 2023, the first batch of deionized water equipment for the TPC New Building Phase 1 Project which was contracted by China Construction Front General DEVT. CORPORATION (CCFG), was successfully installed and put into place. The successful placement of deionized water equipment marks the entry of the project into the mechanical and electrical installation phase.

Deionized water means water without almost any impurities. It is formed by firstly filtering tap water, reducing turbidity, removing calcium and magnesium ions, etc. by water softener, reducing ion concentration in water by reverse osmosis technology, and finally conducting further purification by a water purifier. This project is an electronics clean workshop, which requires extremely high cleanliness of the environment in the production process. The deionized water is mainly used to clean the production line, and thus directly affects the quality of products and production efficiency.