Material Bitcoin Expands Its Business in the US

Orlando, FL – 11/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Material Bitcoin is proud to announce it expansion in the US market. Material Bitcoin, the well-known crypto wallet company in Spain has taken the steps to found a sister company this 2024 in the State of Florida. It is perfect timing since crypto experts say the bull market is starting. Bitcoin is heading into all-time highs and this company provides an easy solution to store crypto to everyone who is not too technical. In other words, they target people of all ages regardless of their knowledge and experience in crypto.

The wallets are unhackable since they work offline and have no electronic components. They are made with stain-steel which makes them water/fire/shock resistant. Designed to last over 10 years and with the size of a credit card. A QR code on the front of them facilitates deposits and transfers. On the back there is a private key engraved , hidden by a metallic vinyl that allows withdrawals. This way, the wallets help every single person who needs a ready to use wallet and doesn’t want or know how to set up one that is designed for technical people.

Material Bitcoin wallets serve as a gateway to your online wallet, thanks to the info engraved on it. Anyone can log in to their wallet, which allows them to check their balance, withdraw funds or check the status of the account. 

Manufacturing process audited by third IT company

Security is key. Within their walls they have full control of the design and manufacturing process, which is audited by a third well known company called Lambda Telematics S.L. This company audits important steps such as the autonomous operation of the robots, the automatic removal of information from the system, the absence of internet access to the room or the fact that workers can only enter the room once the wallets are engraved and inside the heat-sealed bags. This way a buyer knows that although the private key is engraved, if the plastic bag is sealed, it means that he/she is the only one who knows it. 

Adding funds to a cold wallet it could be made by your grandparents 

Teach anybody how to go to any exchange or other online wallet, select the amount to transfer and when choosing the recipient’s wallet, the public address could be entered by hand, or by scanning the QR code on the front of the wallet. But to make it even easier, there are over 34.000 Bitcoin ATMs in the World. Going to one of them to deposit crypto will be a very normal action in the near future. The accumulation of crypto assets is already understood by many people as something that will help people to avoid inflation. The crypto assets will remain deposited on that public address until the funds are withdrawn by using the most sensitive piece of information: The private key. It doesn’t matter if all the exchanges and online wallets in the world disappear. The funds will safely stay there until some or all of it it’s withdrawn.

Attendance to Dubai Token2049

On 18-19 April 2024, TOKEN2049 will be the distinguished flagship event of Material Bitcoin, the premier crypto event, organized annually in Dubai and Singapore, where Material Bitcoin will have the opportunity to share their passion in this industry and its way to store crypto with a cold wallet accessible to all. In this type of event, the industry’s biggest names come to share their ideas and their progress in their own projects. In this case, the strategy is simple, since they will make themselves known to the rest of the world, but they have a well-established market in Europe. Everything depends on transmitting the benefits that their wallets offer, both in terms of simplicity of use and security of storage. But as if this were not enough, their catalog of wallets for the masses will come with a unique and limited edition product, very much in the style of Dubai. A wallet of the luxury sector oriented to capture the eyes of all, but the pocket of very few.

About Material Bitcoin

The Material Bitcoin wallet was created by the need to safely store bitcoin independently, which means that the owner of one wallet has full control of the assets and accountability to keep it safe. Founded in Spain in 2021 and soon after they successfully launched a campaign on Kickstarter that ranked in the Top 3 technology of that year. Their vision is making the path easy and safe for all people who want to own bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.

Material Bitcoin proudly claims to have no record of any of their wallets ever being hacked. And since they don’t save data, there is no weak spot in their system so they can never be hacked or leak any confidential information, because literally, it doesn’t exist.

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