VPS AI Joins the Hong Kong Blockchain Association, a Strategic Move to Facilitate its Expansion within the Asian Market

Hong Kong – April 01, 2024 – (SeaPRwire) – VPS AI, a GPU cloud ecosystem, became a part of the esteemed Hong Kong Blockchain Association led by Web3 Visionary, Tony Tong.

HKBA is a leading force in the Web3 space and in Hong Kong, active educator and speaker at events like the recent ETHVietnam. Hong Kong has emerged as the hub for budding projects owing to its friendliness to the blockchain ecosystem and favorable regulations.

With an experienced and talented staff of executives, led by Tong, The Hong Kong Blockchain Association boasts a multifaceted suite of Web3 capabilities, poised to catapult VPS to the forefront of the industry. HKBA, collaborating closely with partners such as COM2000, Cascadia Blockchain Group CK.CSE, Asia Meta.club and many more,  stands as a driver in the growing Web3 and AI market.

VPS AI’s recent membership of the Hong Kong Blockchain Association will allow it to set foot in the Asian market, opening new avenues for the project. Advice and support from the association can aid the growth of VPS AI, helping it achieve mass adoption!

The company has had a successful launch with praises from all quarters of the blockchain ecosystem, trending across various platforms crypto.com and being listed as one of the fastest growing projects on the Ethereum Blockchain.

VPS AI: A Solution Poised to Solve the Realm of Computing Challenges

VPS AI provides high-performance computing for AI and blockchain-related tasks to users across the globe, irrespective of their expertise and background. The need for VPS (Virtual Private Server) is skyrocketing in the absence of reliable solutions, a void VPS AI intends to fill.

VPS AI is designed to cater to all, ensuring democratic access through a decentralized fashion

Whether one needs a customized VM to deploy AI projects or compile and execute a simple script, VPS AI has a tailored solution. In a bid to minimize downtimes and democratize access, VPS AI is built on a vast network of providers. Given the absence of a central infrastructure, this approach also reduces costs, delivering direct profits to participating parties.

So, why invest in an elaborate high-cost setup when renting computing resources from VPS AI is much more straightforward and cost-effective?

The ecosystem’s native token, $VPS, can be used to access the platform. It includes quick deployment of GPU enabled Virtual Private Servers and application deployments.

Lastly, VPS AI offers AI as a service (AIaaS), meaning users can subscribe to the already available AI models and deploy them in various tasks across the company, including customer service, data analysis, and operations. All this can be achieved at a reasonable cost with VPS AI!

VPS AI will witness major growth in the time to come as it launches the platform, kickstarting with an upcoming public Beta Test.

To find out more about VPS AI, visit the official website: https://vpsai.io/

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