Fujitsu works with the 77 Bank to optimize customer engagement operations at all Japan branches

TOKYO, Oct 13, 2023 – (JCN Newswire via – Fujitsu today announced the development of a system that allows customers to easily complete transactions in a concise manner at all branches of the 77 Bank, Ltd. (1) (hereinafter, the 77 Bank) using an “in-store tablet” that utilizes Fujitsu’s Customer Engagement Solution CHORDSHIP (hereinafter, CHORDSHIP) built on cloud. Its introduction was recently completed at all of the 77 Bank’s branches in Japan for used since September 2023.

Using this system, customers can independently complete 10 transactions including those related to opening accounts, changing personal details (name, address, and phone number), and loss of cash cards or passbooks by simply entering necessary information by themselves on a tablet terminal installed at each branch office. Through the API linkage function of CHORDSHIP, which is provided as a cloud service, the procedures are completed by linking with the system of the 77 Bank and automatically updating the data. This not only improves customer satisfaction by cutting transaction times, but also improves bank employees’ operational efficiency. This system was developed using a hybrid agile method, and was developed in a short period of time.

Moving forward, Fujitsu will support the expansion of this system to procedures and usage scenarios as promoted by the 77 Bank. It will also continue to contribute to improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction at the 77 Bank, and to reducing environmental impact by going paperless.

Unique Features of the system

1. Easy operation in chat format, transactions can be completed without pen, seal and paper

This system can be easily understood by anyone because of the chat format in which customers can select and enter answers to questions by following the instructions on the tablet. In addition, in the past, it was necessary for the customer to write a number of items on the application form and affix their seal. However, with this system, the procedure can be completed only by input information on a tablet device, and it can be completed without writing down, without seal, and without paper.

2. Automatic system linkage significantly reduces transaction time

The API link function of CHORDSHIP allows linkage with the 77 Bank’s systems. This enables the system to automatically link and update data in the accounting system. This will greatly reduce the waiting time for customers and the administrative work for bank employees.

3. Adopting hybrid agile development methods to achieve service development that meets demands in a short period of time

In developing this system, Fujitsu partially adopted a hybrid agile development method that incorporates an agile process into the waterfall development process. Specifically, the low-code development tool that is a feature of CHORDSHIP was utilized to develop the front-end functions that customers actually operate using hybrid agile methods, and repeatedly examined and modified the business flow, UI, and screen mocks in a short cycle while taking into account the needs of users. As a result, Fujitsu was able to develop a service in a short delivery time.

Future Developments

Moving forward, the 77 Bank plans to apply the new system to further processes and to promote the digitization of transactional documents, including the expansion of this system to a non-face-to-face transaction. By supporting these efforts of the 77 Bank, Fujitsu will contribute to improving the efficiency of bank employees, enhancing convenience for customers, and reducing environmental impact by going paperless.

Fujitsu will continue to utilize the latest technology and business know-how to contribute to the promotion of digitalization and DX in the financial industry, including the 77 Bank.

[1] The 77 Bank, Ltd. :Head office: Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan; President: Hidefumi Kobayashi

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